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Field Trip to Daphne Prairie!!

January 28 & 29, 2017 -  East of Mt. Vernon, TX

Our FIRST Field Trip to our Newest Conservation Easement - Daphne Prairie!!

We will Monitor Winter Species & Do A Winter Bird Point Count!

Explore the the newest addition to NPAT’s growing land portfolio: 
the beautiful 922 acre Daphne Prairie, in NE Texas!!

Silveus’ Dropseed and Longspike Tridens are two of the signature grasses of rare Alfisol Prairie.

Share our excitement as we document flora and fauna of this unique and historically rich prairie!  Your interest is enough; you do not have to be experienced in birding or wildlife surveying, and all can participate and join the experts as we explore this property and document its species. 

Information and directions to the property & info on carpools from Dallas and Houston areas: Email Pat Merkord or Call 936-827-7973. (You may come on your own.)

View this large and very rare tract with grassland sparrows and other winter birds protected on this property: this pair of adult Dickcissel (Spiza americanain), who “Originally nested in native prairies and meadows”, Audubon Field-Guide.

A False Dragonhead Physostegia,                  Common Buckeye Butterfly 
“Obedient Plant” (Physostegia virginiana)            (Junonia coenia Hübner)