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We Need Your Help to Collect Prairie Seeds!

We are collecting seeds in the Houston-Galveston Region with the hopes of bringing new prairie seeds to market. These seeds will be used to restore prairies in cities, suburbs, and rural environments!

Want to get involved? Visit - Prairie Seed Council.

-Here is the latest update of our seed collecting activities.

Want An Outdoor Adventure?

CPP is joining other groups to promote the Great Outdoors in the Greater Houston-Gulf Coast Region {including prairies of course!}. There's even an Get Out Here Houston app in the Apple app store.

Click here to check out this exciting new resource!


Visit a Prairie Today!

Click here to view big version of the Visit a Coastal Prairie map


  • yellow pin=publicly accessible prairie site
  • red pin=periodically accessible prairie site {by special permission only}
  • blue pin=school with prairie planting
  • green pin=prairie sites that need volunteer tour guides. To assist contact Jaime González at



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Featured Publication

Prairie Directory
of North America

By Adelman and Schwartz
A comprehensive guide to the tallgrass sites of North America.

Click here for more information.

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